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Compression Expands Sales at bring it online 

Compressing images on your website can really boost sales up. Now discuss how? E commerce photo shot for amazon and other online websites at best prices at 

It is found that users on desktops are likely to wait up to 5 seconds for websites to display text or images, while mobile users wait only 3 seconds until they get fed up and leave the website. On an average, images make up for around 65% of data on websites, especially e-commerce websites filled with catalogues of product photos. Customer is not likely to wait for your image to load no matter how beautiful it is. So if you want the customer to hold on to your website, you need to optimize your images on your website. product photography in delhi, commercial photographers at bring it online media pvt ltd product shoot in delhi and product photography services / companies 

This can be done with product photograph compression. High page loading time can dent a brand forever. It is most likely that customer would never come again on such website with prior poor experience. So speed does matter. Here you have to keep a check on the quality of image as well while reducing the size of the image. fashion photography or fashion photographers in Delhi Gurgaon Noida

Image Compression: It is a method of reducing the size of the image without much compromising on the quality of it. Let’s discuss few compression techniques. shoes photography jewellery photography , bags photography , models shoot for indian e commerce websites.

Lossless compression: With lossless compression, image format can save 5% to 20% of original file size. You will not find any pixilation while viewing the images with lossless compression. Lossless compression is generally recommended for print but not considered good enough for web as images still can take long time to get loaded. e commerce photographers in delhi

Lossy Compression: With lossy compression, images experience little reduction in quality but a major reduction in file size. It is best considered for web applications as it really decreases the loading times. This technique actually removes large amount of image data which is not very significant to human eye. Couple of product photographers start with watches, eyewear, or other reflective products , lingerie shoot in delhi India

Background Removal: It is one of the most effective method to reduce image file size. Background removal is the process of discarding the area behind the main product in the photograph. It is often considered the best solution for product photographers as it keeps the quality of the image while reducing the file size.

So by incorporating these compression methods, you are not only reducing the file size but also minimizing your page load time, reducing bounce rate, reducing hosting space, reducing bandwidth and ensuring higher rank for your images in google image search online product shoot